Jane is a renowned pediatric surgeon who was looking for a reliable income stream to supplement her pension plan during retirement.


Uncertainty about how to invest her savings to complement her pension income and ensure financial stability.

Strategy & approach

We assessed Jane’s financial goals and pension plan to recommend a suitable variable annuity with a balanced investment portfolio. This approach provided her with additional income, potential growth, and diversification.

Achieved results

Balanced Investment Portfolio

Jane's variable annuity offers a diversified investment portfolio, reducing risks and enhancing potential returns.

Diversified Income Sources

Jane now has multiple income sources, reducing her reliance on a single pension plan.

Professional Portfolio Management

Jane benefits from professional management of her annuity investments, ensuring optimal performance.

Tailored Financial Planning

Our customized financial plan takes into account Jane's pension income and specific retirement needs.

Tax Efficiency

Jane's annuity provides tax-deferred growth and efficient income distribution strategies.

Financial Security

Jane now enjoys a secure and comfortable retirement, knowing her financial future is well-managed.

Working with Online Annuity Rates was an absolute pleasure. Their knowledgeable team provided invaluable guidance and helped me find the perfect annuity to supplement my pension plan. They truly went above and beyond to make sure I understood all of my options and made the best decision for my financial future. I can now enjoy my retirement with confidence, knowing my financial stability is in good hands.

Jane Doe

Pediatric Surgeon

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