Annuity Payment Calculator

An annuity payment calculator calculates potential payments from an annuity. Enter your data in three fields to calculate the annuity payment. Those fields are the expected interest rate and the length of the annuity payout. This calculator will work for annuities with a set length or term. It will not work for an annuity with payments that payout until death. That requires mortality life calculations and this calculator doesn’t make those calculations.


Annuity Payment Calculator Glossary

Principal Amount

This is the amount of principal or capital invested into the annuity.

Annuity Interest Rate

This is the rate of interest that the annuity is scheduled to produce during its lifetime.

Annuity Payment Period

The number of years the fixed annuity is scheduled to pay the annuitant.

Payment Frequency

Payment Frequency - This is the frequency between annuity payments or how often annuity payments will be made each year. Changing how often an annuity payment is received will slightly alter the annuity payment amounts. Several options are available. Annually, quarterly, semi-annually, and monthly payments are available. That makes this a monthly annuity payment calculator.

Periodic Payment

This is the amount of the payment based upon the payment frequency chosen. To arrive at an annual payment, multiply your payment times the appropriate number based on the payment frequency.

Total Payments

The sum total of annuity payments received during the life of the annuity.

Interest Earned

The total amount of interest earned from the annuity during its lifetime.

Principal Returned

The total amount of principal returned from the series of payments during its lifetime.

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